Friday, September 28, 2012

2 Chaaaaaaaains!!!

Piece & Chain Around My Neck!

Proverbs 6:20-23

    20 My son, keep your father’s command,
      And do not forsake the law of your mother.
       21 Bind them continually upon your heart;
      Tie them around your neck.
       22 When you roam, they[b] will lead you;
      When you sleep, they will keep you;
      And when you awake, they will speak with you.
       23 For the commandment is a lamp,
      And the law a light;
      Reproofs of instruction are the way of life,

In the early 80’s gold chains were very popular. They started out as simple neck accessories and eventually turned into a status symbol. The bigger the better was the belief. Along with the chain there had to be a “piece”. The Piece was some sort of medallion or object that hung from the chain. Television stars, athletes, and musicians wore their “piece and chains” with pride. Then the fad disappeared.

However, with the resurgence of retro style, the “piece and chain” has returned. The chains grew from 26” and 30” to 60” and 70”. The piece, which denotes everything from a cartoon character, a symbol for Jesus, personal initials, the name of a record label, or some popular saying has grown to weighty chest size billboards. I even saw a long chain with a piece that read “Big A** Chain”!

Of all things people wear around their neck to symbolize their beliefs and personal statements, it is debatable whether the weight of the statement they're carrying is pulling them down or lifting them up. The weight, actual or literal, can be more of an anchor than an emblem of encouragement.

People also wear past experiences around their neck like a medallion on a chain. As much they want to progress in life, they are carrying this pendant of failure and disappointment that promotes an uncomfortable past.

That does not have to be your story. God gave you great vision and purpose before you were placed in your mother’s womb. Then, He instilled divine instructions into your upbringing. Even those parents that struggled at being quality parents occasionally provided a great piece of direction. I believe those moments of great direction are divine.

Carry quality instruction as your piece and chain by maintaining moments of correction close to you – these will not only be the light for your eyes to see what is right, but also the lamp that guides your footsteps along the way.