Sunday, March 3, 2013

Expiration Date

This morning I woke up to the awesome aroma of bacon, toast, and eggs. I salivated at the thought of biting into what I knew was going be a great beginning to my day. After swiftly dressing and barreling down the stairs, the vision was everything the fragrance predicted! The homemade breakfast sandwich was delicious!!

After the last bite, I walked to the kitchen and cleaned my plate. There was an open bread bag on the counter. Understanding that we don't consume bread in large quantities, I decided to take a glance at the expiration date.

It was 8 days beyond the date on the bag!!! I immediately felt sick. Ebony gave me that "get it together look" and said, "That is just the sell by date".

You see many of us put our own expiration dates on our lives. We expect things to be accomplished by a specific time or else it is over for that dream or expectation. But we serve a God who tells us that although we make our own plans it is ultimately his purpose that will prevail.

Set goals, write your vision, build a plan - but also know that your plan is just a plan unless you place it before God. Your plan and His purpose will make things happen. If you are one day or several days past your planned day of completion don't give up and don't get sick - He is going to come through. Just as food has preservatives to maintain its life you have the Holy Spirit living in you that is preserving you and maintaining your life. You cannot expire until your creator says it's time. Keep living and keep persevering!