Monday, April 13, 2015

My Father hung with criminals

I have heard people say, "God could never be in a place this bad." I've even witnessed individuals admit that because of the hell they have lived there is no way that could see Heaven.

Where they crucified him, and two other with him, on either side one, and Jesus in the midst. (John 19:18 KJV)

The final day of Jesus' earthly existence, he was hoisted on a cross between two convicted criminals. I like how the King James Version states it. The verse says Jesus was "in the midst". Even in this dark and painful place our savior was not above it or disconnected from it but rather directly in the midst of it. It is hard to imagine that God could reside in the midst of our most painful places - yet we serve and represent a God that identifies with our pain and has the healing salve we so desperately need.

One criminal mocked Jesus and the other made a simple request, "Remember me."

Here is a glimmer of hope for your dark place - you are always on His mind and He has the exit plan for your pain.

I recently read that the home of former heavyweight champion mike tyson was practically given away. Yep! Given away!

At the height of his career Iron Mike purchased the 25,000 sq foot home for $300,000. Over the years, the house transferred hands many times and gained an asking price that reached $3.5 million. Many of the buyers fell into financial trouble for illegal activity and one of the buyers actually planned to produce a 24 hour internet show with women in the house. It seemed like the house carried a negative stigma. Ultimately a congregation that was holding services in a school, purchased the home for $750.000.

If this dilapidated and misused edifice could be transformed into a dwelling place for worship despite its sordid past - how much more can God use your pain stained past for His glory.

On the third day, the stone that was set to confine was removed and Jesus reigns! Run to God let him remove the stone that is suffocating your success.