Thursday, December 17, 2015

Shadows!!! (Stop, drop, and...)


Just before I closed my eyes for the evening, the phone rang. Late night phone calls rarely bring great news and this was no exception. The caller ID listed the call as unknown. I reeled with even greater alarm. It was a voicemail from the school district that my son attends. A district wide threat was made via e-mail that promised extreme violence without specification of campuses.

The threat came on the hills of threats towards school districts in California and New York as well as the multi-sight attack in Paris, France.

Psalm 23:4New King James Version (NKJV)
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil;
For You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

When you really think about everything that is going on in our local, national and global existence, we are constantly threatened with life suffocating circumstances.

If the threat doesn’t take you out, the anxiety over the threat will cause you to contemplate quitting.

In Psalm 23, David the Psalmist gave guidance on how to handle life’s death threats.

Threats are like shadows. Many of them are superficial or lack the substance to do anything substantial. I am not diminishing the fact that shadows can be intimidating, but I am saying that small subjects cast considerable yet innocuous shadows. I read that no one has ever been bitten by a shadow….

We have dark spots in life. The moments are scary and intimidating. But, like the best friend that screams with you on the big roller coaster, holds your hand on the airplane, or walks you through the halls on your first day of school – you have an eternal companion for your shadowy circumstances.

Although you can’t physically see God beyond his outstanding creations, you can find solace in your dark spots. An example of everything you will go through or can avoid is found in the Bible. It is your ultimate teacher’s manual for the open book test called life.

Last week, I asked my son to retrieve something from my bedroom. The room was dark and what I needed was in the back. I decided to follow him and see if he would be successful. After receiving his instructions, my son ran to the room and dropped to his hands and knees before entering. He could see enough to get to his destination but wasn’t tall enough to add sufficient light. So, instead of abandoning his purpose from fear of the shadows or fall over the room’s obstacles, he dropped down and eased his way through.

When you can’t run – walk.

When you can’t walk – crawl.

God has your hand and the moment you drop down to acknowledge His guidance – You will more readily recognize that He will guide you. Instead of fearing the shadows, have faith in the Healer, the Guide, the Comforter, the Protector, the Savior, and YOUR FRIEND.

My son went to school and came home safely – Thank You God!