Monday, March 27, 2017

When serving stinks!

When serving stinks...

My family and I went to a popular restaurant for Sunday brunch. The meal was excellent and of course we were all fat full afterwards. Before we exited the restaurant my mother in-love asked me to take papa - the great grandfather of my children to the restroom.

What I assumed to be a quick trip was longer and more involved than I expected. 

Papa is nearly blind, so I had to guide him through the maze of tables to the obscure men's room tucked in a corner of the restaurant. Inside the restroom, Papa tells me that he would prefer to use the stall instead of the urinal. Not a problem. After I walking him into the stall, I helped him find everything then exited to wait for him to finish. 

Another man walked in the restroom and politely asked me if the stall I was standing near was occupied. I informed him that someone was in there then directed him to the next open stall.

Then, another man walked in. He asked me about the stalls then comments about the restaurant. Around this time, I'm starting to think something is strange.

It was the third man that walked into the restroom and make comments that made me catch it. 

Number one, I realized that papa was not in there for number one. Number two, those men thought I was the bathroom attendant!

That morning, I delivered the message in our adult service, I had to dress like a grown up and not my typical jeans and t-shirt youth service attire. I was inadvertently dressed like the staff of that restaurant. The desire to bust out of there was strong, but I couldn’t just leave Papa alone and come back whenever. True serving is done with few stipulations.

I am reminded of a man named Joseph that served 11 years in the house of Potiphar and subsequently spent a few more years in the prison of Pharaoh. It was those times of serving that set Joseph up for his moments of leading. I am sure there were days that the pain of picking up after others and the discomfort of dealing with other people's problems weren't his best days but they built Joseph a better future.

The Bible says, "So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give upGalatians 6:9 (NLT).

Our giving should not be based on self preservation. Giving is an act of love. After all, didn't God "so love" that he gave knowing that we would act ratchet and not be thankful always. It would be great if everyone that you invested in had a 100% return guarantee. Unfortunately that's not the case. There are those that are truly appreciative of your giving. However, some will accept your giving and ask for more and then there are some that will accept your giving and say nothing at all. How they respond or how quick they respond is not your problem. 

I believe that God has perfect timing for what we need. Just as every planted seed will break through the earth at different yet timely moments, so shall your financial, physical, mental and emotional breakthrough take place at just the divine moment you need it.

Planted seeds take time to succeed and a seed will only grow if it is planted

The good thing to do right now is to serve, to sow, to share, and to send your best when you give. It is true that serving sometimes stinks but i guarantee that you will forget the stench when the pleasant aroma of accomplishment takes place. Your harvest is coming. Be patient and stay consistent.