Monday, June 9, 2014

Dad Time!

As children grow up they become constant entertainment for their parents and their parent’s friends. Whenever the child learns some cool talent, the parent will ask the child incessantly to repeat the action for their amusement. And, if the action is really cool, the parent will encourage the child to perform it for their friends, the neighbors, or really just anyone that will be an audience.

My son has a lot of “cool” talents. Besides his ability to loudly belt the alphabet in quiet locations, sneak with catlike stealth regularly into my room at 3AM, and use the restroom standing up – He has one talent that I completely love.  Let me explain…

A few weeks ago I walked into my son’s daycare and was immediately approached by his teacher. She said, we are learning how to say our names and although your son is always full of energy, he tends to cower when asked to say his name. So, as any overly proud parent would, I took him home and we practiced. I even took time to explain what it meant to carry and pronounce our name.

Now, he says his name with extreme pride. In fact, even if you call him a nickname, he will correct you and say, “that’s not my name, my name is William Cumby!” When you ask him his parent’s names he says, “Daddy Cumby and Mommy Cumby”.  He wears his last name like a first place medal. Frequently, I ask my son to pronounce his name so that not only he knows who he is but also if he is ever questioned, he is confident enough to boldly proclaim it.

As a father, it is my responsibility to teach my son about his identity. I have to remind him about the power of his name, his bloodline, and his ability to lead with authority.

Just the same our Father in heaven takes time to remind us of our blood line and the pride we must possess from being made in His image.

Recently I read a book by my favorite author, Max Lucado. Appropriately available for Father’s day, Dad Time is a dynamic compilation of great quotes, stories, and anecdotes.

There isn’t a better gift for any Max Lucado fan or father who could use a divine pat on the back.

In one of my favorite stories from the book Max says, “I once asked my dad what I should do as an adult. He was a mechanic. His dad was a mechanic. Three of his brothers worked on engines. You might expect him to urge me to do the same. But he’d seen me change the oil. He knew better. So he said, “Do what you love to do.” Such words set a child free.”

A father loves and leads their child as his Father in Heaven has lovingly lead him.

What is your favorite story about your dad or about being dad? Respond below and I will randomly choose someone to receive a copy of Max Lucado’s new book Dad Time.