Friday, August 17, 2012

Breakfast For Dinner?! My Favorite!!!

Breakfast for Dinner
“Working with the pieces”
Inspired by Pastor Remus E. Wright

When I was younger, my mother’s greatest culinary creation was breakfast. I especially enjoyed when she made it for dinner. Now this was not your typical dinner. It was an outrageously delicious blend of whatever was left in the refrigerator with a side of scrambled eggs.

Somehow she made pieces of other meals create one complete meal. And it was delicious!

Jesus feeding the multitude is one of the few miracles recorded in all four of the gospels.  Therefore, that moment’s impact on the writers must have been immense!

People regularly encounter broken, partial, and fragmented conditions.

But just because the situation seems broken doesn’t mean that it is destroyed.

Jesus’ whole and complete body was broken for you! (1 Corinthians 11:24) And just when his accusers assumed His death was permanent, Jesus came back!

In the miracle of the multitude, Jesus took the pieces of a child’s lunch to make thousands of empty individual’s bellies full – then He gathered the pieces that were left over for future use.

I challenge you to give God your broken pieces. In His hands, there is wholeness and overflow. In the right hands, even leftovers - cold and broken portions of what was once great - can be gourmet. You were great the moment God made you and even if you feel broken – He can restore you and make you better than you were before!

John 6:12-13 (AMP)
12 When they had all had enough, He said to His disciples, Gather up now the fragments (the broken pieces that are left over), so that nothing may be lost and wasted.
13 So accordingly they gathered them up, and they filled twelve [[b]small hand] baskets with fragments left over by those who had eaten from the five barley loaves.